I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist. I work mainly on card art but have also done a number of book and magazine covers, story illustrations, workshops and magazine articles. I work / have worked for numerous companies and for the past few years have been working with Mynet on Legend of the Cryptids (formerly under Applibot) and Wizards of the Coast on Magic the Gathering.

My work portfolio tends to centre around fantasy and sci-fi illustration although I do not limit myself to these genres and I have worked with clients on many other categories of artwork including horror, landscape and contemporary. My work appears in several dozen quality publications worldwide, including the acclaimed Expose series, the Fantasy Art Now books and Digital Art Masters, and awards include two Chesleys, the Expose Master Fantasy award and Excellence awards, the CGSociety Challenge Master prize and Digital Painting award.

If you are interested in working with me or commissioning illustration on a freelance basis please use the contact form available from the link above.